Bread & Beyond



Bread & Beyond is a great place for having coffee and dessert .It has 2 branches- near Jhigatola bus stand and Gulshan. It is mainly a coffee and cake shop .Here you can also get packed bread and biscuit.They have some snacks item like sandwiches. If you have a sweet tooth you will really love this place . Here you get different types of cupcakes, brownies, cakes.  Cakes of different flavors like carrot cake, lemon cake , cheese cake ,black forest cake and chocolate mouses are also available.Cold and hot both types of coffees are available here. Their quantity of coffee is very good compared to price and other moderate coffee shop and also tasty. You can also get alternative sugar in your coffee if you want . They don’t have any other drinks but only coffee which kinda disappoint me .

Their interior and service quality is really great. The place is not so much crowded so you can take your time in talking while having sip in coffee. Overall it’s a nice place for having coffee.


Emotional Eating and How to deal with it

binge eating

Do you turn food to comfort you when you are in stress or depression? Do you eat a lot during  the time of your depression and then feel guilty for your eating? If you are doing so then you are an emotional eater .

Emotional eating is the main obstacle of your weight loss journey . You being depressed about your weight all day , eat emotionally ,stand on your scale and feel guilty . These cycle continues and you can’t get out of it .Now it’s time to break this cycle .



  • Do you eat more when you’re feeling stressed?
  • Do you eat when you’re not hungry or when you’re full?
  • Do you eat to feel better (to calm and soothe yourself when you’re sad, mad, bored, anxious, etc.)?
  • Do you reward yourself with food?
  • Do you regularly eat until you’ve stuffed yourself?
  • Does food make you feel safe? Do you feel like food is a friend?
  • Do you feel powerless or out of control around food?


  • Manage stress: It’s hard to control your stress but you have to do something to control your stress. You’ve to divert your mind to other things which can give you comfort .

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  • Don’t skip meal : Eat 3/4 times meal a day and don’t skip them .


  • Eat good carbs: If it’s white, forget it. Sugar, white bread, white rice – these are going to spike your insulin levels and only give you a momentary high.

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  • Throw away your scale :Don’t weigh yourself every morning . It will take your body to drop weight . Give your body this time.Don’t jump on
  • images (1)

your scale after emotional eating.

  • Exercise regularly: Regular exercise will keep your metabolism high, keep you far from stress and motivate you to healthy diet .

No change will occur if you don’t do anything to overcome your emotional eating . It’s time to listen your body and overcome all the obstacles .


BAR-B-Q TONITE is not very familiar restaurant name . They even don’t have their own Facebook page.But those people who once tested their food can’t resist their temptation to visit there frequently.Their interior is very simple . They have outside sitting arrangement which will give you home yard feeling .There are trees and the air will really enhance your mood with the smell of BBQ. Inside they have several rooms like a house where sitting arrangement is also very homely .

Now come to about their food . If you are a spice lover ,their Khata khat is highly recommended . It is made of mutton brain and lever with a lot of spice and oil. You can take it with their nun or rumali roti .Their other kabab items have got great flavor. Recently they add Mushroom BBQ in their menu.Their Faluda is a must try item.Their faluda is one of the best faludas in Dhaka.

BAR-B-Q TONITE opens after evening .It’s a great place for spending a good time with family,friends with great food and clam environment.



menu khata khat mushroom bbq entrance

Nawabi Voj

Bangali food with good looking environment ?Come to Nawabi Voj in Baily Road. It is fully air-conditioned and it’s lighting is very pleasant . It’s food quality and price  is mostly same as Star but here you will get a good atmosphere . It can accommodate a good number of people. It has many rooms for eating . If you are planning for a family or friends gathering about 10-12 people and want privacy then you can book the VIP room . This room have sofa where you can sit and talk homely .

Now come to about food . Here food is too good . Their nun is very heavy so you have to order wisely about the quantity of nun you need. You can take different types of mutton/beef/  chicken korai with nun. Half korai is sufficient for 3 people . You can also try Jhal Fry with nun. They have different types of drink item -borhani , lasshi , fresh juice.  Overall you will be satisfied to eat here . Your money will not waste eating here .

nawabi1  n1 n2 n3nawabi2

Good for near Lalbagh (Pizza king)

In Lalbagh area there are many restaurants serving biriyani, kacchi ,nun ,grill ,curry . But if you want to eat pizza or pasta  in Lalbagh then Pizza King will be a good option for you.

Near Lalbagh Kella it is  very nicely decorated. The quality and test of food really can satisfy you . Here you can get a regular size chicken broast only at tk 80 . You can also get here pasta ,pizza ,cheesy french fry . The main attraction here is White sause . You can also get here tomato ,red and green chili sause . Here you can also get Thai soup and a bowl of thai soup suitable for 2 persons only at tk 100 !!!

So ,if you want to each fast food with great taste with limited money then you can easily try this place . You can eat here to your heart’s content at a low price compared to other restaurants. pizza kingf1pizza king 1  f2

Rooftop restaurant in dhanmondi (Cafe Droom)

If you are planning to go on a special date to spend quality time with your partner or with your friend near Dhanmondi area ,then Cafe Droom will be a good option for you .

Cafe Droom has rooftop space and smoking zone . There lighting is so calm and comfortable ,you will feel very amazing to spend time with your friends or partner . The whole cafe is covered with clear glass so you can see the lights and cars in roads at night .

You can order  creamy mushroom soup which is very tasty . The soup is only 1:1 but the quantity is more than one people . They have different type of salads. There food is very tasty and service quality is very standard . If you are  smoker you can spend quality time with your friends on the rooftop ,enjoying the open air .

menu2 menu1 cafe droom1 cafe droom'

Time to change your body-not loosing hope

Are you tired of dieting? You are dieting but don’t see any type of result?You are thinking dieting can’t help you, you have got a bad type of body or you have got a bad gene?

For loosing you weight STOP this foolish thinking!!!!!!

weight loss

If you are living on rice and can’t change your food habit ,you can still loose your weight.

Firstly,you have to count your calories.

A regular size white roti contain 57 calories.You can eat 1 roti with a cup of vegetable in your breakfast.Skip milk tea rather drink black tea. Starting your day with a cup of lukewarm water with a spoon of honey and lemon will help you to increase your metabolism.

Drink plenty of water all day.

Drink 3 cup of black tea in a day.You can drink tea in morning, at mid day snack and in evening snack.

If you eat rice on your lunch you should eat less than one cup rice.

Don’t take too much dal or vegetable on your lunch.Too much watery things will create  gas form.Eat fish or lean meat on your lunch.

You can simply eat a cup of black tea or 2/3 piece of crackers in the afternoon.

You should finish your dinner by 9 p.m. Take only 3 or 4 table spoon rice , 1 or 2 regular piece of grill chicken and vegetable on your dinner.

Don’t take any type of soft drinks , high calorie deserts . If you have to take sweet desert take a very little portion.

You can take a apple or a boiled egg as snack when you fill extreme hungry.

Set a workout routine for minimum half an hour for everyday and try to maintain it regularly. You can simply do rope jump, yoga, running in trade mill, jogging and whatever exercise you like. But keep in mind you are burning calories.

So, it is not very late to start . Stay fit and stay confident!!!